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If you want to learn and build your own inventions with electronics, you need to learn the basics of electronics.

Without a good understanding of basic concepts such as current and voltage, it's going to be hard (or impossible) to understand how different circuits work.

But it doesn't have to be hard. Do *not* confuse basic electronics with "all electronics theory that exist". A lot of books and blogs make this mistake. And it's discouraging for beginners.

Basic electronics is easy.

This page is a library of resources to help you learn the real basics of electronics.

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Series and Parallel Circuits

In electronics we can find both series and parallel circuits. A series circuit is a circuit where the components are connected in a consecutive chain. This gives the current only one path to take. A parallel circuit is a circuit where the components are connected parallel to each other. So the current will flow in […]

The Thevenin Theorem – A Simple Explanation

The Thevenin Theorem explains how to simplify a complex circuit. It states that any linear circuit with only voltage sources, current sources and resistors can be simplified to a voltage source with a series resistor. But what does this really mean? Sometimes a picture says more than thousand words, so here are two pictures to […]