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Learn Electronics In A Simple Way

So you want to learn electronics? There are many ways to Rome, but some are more fun than others =) When I started out, I started with asking my dad questions like “How can I make a light flash?”. He always had a simple explanation. Then I went down in our basement and tried to […]

What Is Electric Current?

Electric current is what you get when electric charge moves around a circuit. It’s pretty simple when you finally get it. But there are some common pitfalls that can give you the wrong idea when learning. And if you don’t know what current is and how it works, it’s a huge source of confusion when […]

What is Negative Voltage?

I’m going to show you what negative voltage is by putting John into a hole. As you’ll quickly learn, it’s nothing weird or mystical. Meet John. He is 1.8 meters (6 feet) tall. What does it mean that John is 1.8 m tall? Could you find his height by only looking at his head? No. […]