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The RC Delay Element

The RC delay element is a way to create a time delay in your circuit by connecting a resistor and a capacitor. It’s super simple. And very useful. The ‘R’ is a resistor, and the ‘C’ is a capacitor. That’s where the ‘RC’ comes from. And here’s how you connect the two:

Kirchhoffs Law of Voltage and Current

Kirchhoffs law of current and voltage are two laws that are really useful when you are working with circuits. Knowing them will make it much easier to understand circuit diagrams, design electronics, repair electronics and everything in between. Though they might sound complicated (*), they’re not. After you’ve learned them, it’s not really something you […]

Electronics Books For the Enthusiast

Sometimes I really enjoy diving into electronics books with a freshly brewed coffee by my side. Just immersing into some interesting subject. But it is really important to not get stuck in the books. You need to get your soldering iron out and practice what you learn. Otherwise it’s no use learning it, right? There […]