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PNP Transistor – How Does It Work?

The PNP transistor is a mystery to many. But it doesn’t have to be. If you want to design circuits with transistors, it’s really worth knowing about this type of transistor. For example: Want to automatically turn on a light when it gets dark? The PNP transistor will make this easy for you. In my […]

How To Choose a Power Supply?

There’s some confusion going on when it comes to how to choose a power supply. So, I thought I’d clear up some doubts, and give you a simple, beginner-friendly way of choosing a power supply. Let’s start with the basics. A power supply has a voltage and a current specification: The voltage is the output […]

The Potentiometer And Wiring Guide

The potentiometer is a handy little component that you really should know how to use. It’s used in circuits a lot, such as to control the volume of music equipment, control the brightness of a light, and much more. If you’re not familiar with it, it can seem complicated to use in a circuit. But […]