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If you want to learn and build your own inventions with electronics, you need to learn the basics of electronics.

Without a good understanding of basic concepts such as current and voltage, it's going to be hard (or impossible) to understand how different circuits work.

But it doesn't have to be hard. Do *not* confuse basic electronics with "all electronics theory that exist". A lot of books and blogs make this mistake. And it's discouraging for beginners.

Basic electronics is easy.

This page is a library of resources to help you learn the real basics of electronics.

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Through-Hole Components or Not?

«It went through the circuit board, like a knife through warm butter.» This could have been the intro to an incredibly capturing novel about through-hole components. But it’s not. I don’t think anyone has made a novel about such a narrow topic. Oh, wait! I had to do an Amazon search after writing that. Turns […]

How To Use SMD Components?

SMD components are small and kind of scary if you have never used them before. And the first time you want to solder one – you will probably start to doubt if you’re actually able to do it. Even though I have soldered many SMD components, I still get that “Oh man, that component looks […]

The Simple Way To Use a Datasheet

I was sitting in front of my computer. It was the first time ever, that I was looking at a datasheet. I didn’t understand anything. This was too hard. So I closed it. But I tried again and again. And little by little, I started to get familiar with the information in the datasheet. And […]

What is Ground in Electronic Circuits?

Grounding is confusing. I think most people who have started learning electronics have asked «What is ground?» at one point or another. Are you actually suppose to connect your circuit to the earth? I think the reason ground is confusing, is because it’s different in electronics and in high voltage electrical systems.