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Through-Hole Components or Not?

«It went through the circuit board, like a knife through warm butter.» This could have been the intro to an incredibly capturing novel about through-hole components. But it’s not. I don’t think anyone has made a novel about such a narrow topic. Oh, wait! I had to do an Amazon search after writing that. Turns […]

How To Use SMD Components?

SMD components are small and kind of scary if you have never used them before. And the first time you want to solder one – you will probably start to doubt if you’re actually able to do it. Even though I have soldered many SMD components, I still get that “Oh man, that component looks […]

The Simple Way To Use a Datasheet

I was sitting in front of my computer. It was the first time ever, that I was looking at a datasheet. I didn’t understand anything. This was too hard. So I closed it. But I tried again and again. And little by little, I started to get familiar with the information in the datasheet. And […]