Circuits for Hobbyists - a Collection of Schematics to Build

How do you become better at electronics? By building lots of circuits.

On this page, you'll find circuit diagrams for a wide range of fun and interesting electronic circuits:

Transistor circuits. 555 Timer Circuits. LED Circuits. Amplifier circuits. And many more.

All circuits come with a component list and a connection diagram, schematic, or build instruction. So you can just start building right away.

If you have any questions about the circuits, just ask in the comment section of the circuit you're curious about.

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Timer Project with Gong

This is a timer project I recently made. I am really into productivity techniques and I think using the Pomodoro technique is a nice way of working when you need to be productive. You work hard for 25 minutes, then take a 5 minute break. Also, I have found that the sound of a gong […]

The Simplest Amplifier Circuit Diagram

I have been looking for a good stereo amplifier circuit diagram for a long time. I am not a HiFi geek, I just wanted to build a simple stereo amplifier that could drive some speakers for my desktop computer. All the schematic diagrams that I could find seemed to involve lots of hard-to-find components or […]

Radar Circuit Examples

There are so many cool things you can make with mini radar circuits. I thought I’d share some examples from my time in the radar business. Then end with a few examples of where you can get a hold of a radar circuit. Just to be clear: A radar is a sensor that uses electromagnetic […]