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Can capacitors explode?

Yes, indeed. When I was young, my oldest brother, John, went to a high school for those who wanted to become electricians. One day when he came home from school, he was very enthusiastic. Our parents were not home, and he brought me and my second brother, Erik, down to the basement to show us […]

Build your own synthesizer

“Wooooiiiiiooooiiii!” This is the sound of my super simple synth. It’s not a great sound. But I just put it together so quick, to test. The reason is that I have been more and more interested in an old classic chip lately. The 555 timer.

I get to do so much fun these days!

These days are challenging but fun! I am spending my time teaching courses on electronics in Berlin. Building hobby projects, and creating videos for the upgraded version of the video training «Building Advanced Hobby Circuits». The upgraded version has a life of its own I think…