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Why do you need to tin?

To be honest, you don’t NEED to tin. But it can help. To “tin” is to apply a bit of tin to something. For example – you can tin the tip of your soldering iron by first cleaning it with a sponge, then apply a bit of solder to the tip. Or you can tin […]

How smart is your beer?

It was a cold December morning. I could see the frost smoke rising from the ice-cold water of the Berlin canals …and a man from the US greeted me at the door and welcomed me in. His name was Jackson, and he was one of the founders of a hardware startup in Berlin, called Relayr. […]

Yesterday I waved to 100 people

Which seems like a strange thing to do =) At least when you don’t have the context. But the thing is, I was at this event in Berlin. Yesterday was the opening of a new electronics lab, that aims to attract both hobbyists and startup companies within hardware. I thought it was going to be […]

A thing I do, that you should not do

I was browsing the Internet and found something… I came across a story about someone who had gotten solder into his eyes. He didn’t wear protective glasses when soldering. He turned blind on one eye, suffered from so much pain that he was unable to continue his job – and was left in a position […]