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10 things you can build with electronics

“What can you build with electronics?”, she asked me… “Anything!” I said. She looked at me with a blank stare. Apparently that was not a satisfying reply. This happened to me a few days ago. Sometimes I get too deep into electronics that I forget “normal” people don’t necessarily understand what you can do with […]

Support our mini-display project

My friend and I built a mini-display. We bought a replacement screen for an HTC smart phone, added some electronics and a multi-touch panel, and made it HDMI compatible – so you can easily plug it into your computer, Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone Black and such. This means you can build gadgets with really nice graphics, […]

Can you charge a cell phone in 30 seconds?

No way! That was my first reaction when I started researching this. The editor of, which is the biggest tech-channel in Norway, asked me if I could write an article where I explained what supercapacitors are and what they can do. I knew about the concept – supercapacitors are capacitors with a lot of […]

How to add WiFi to your project for $3

I did some Googling today. And found that you can add WiFi to your project for only $3. I’m talking about the ESP8266 module. It’s a WiFi module you can connect to an Arduino – or some other microcontroller. It’s usually $5 or more. But today I checked and found someone who sold it […]

Five top reasons I build electronics

Why build electronics? I thought about this in the shower here the other day. (It’s strange how ideas keep popping up when you do something completely different…) So I asked myself… “What is it that makes it so fun and interesting to build electronics?” And I came up with the five top reasons to build […]