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How to add WiFi to your project for $3

I did some Googling today. And found that you can add WiFi to your project for only $3. I’m talking about the ESP8266 module. It’s a WiFi module you can connect to an Arduino – or some other microcontroller. It’s usually $5 or more. But today I checked and found someone who sold it […]

Five top reasons I build electronics

Why build electronics? I thought about this in the shower here the other day. (It’s strange how ideas keep popping up when you do something completely different…) So I asked myself… “What is it that makes it so fun and interesting to build electronics?” And I came up with the five top reasons to build […]

How does wireless work?

It’s kind of magical. You can talk into a device in one place, and your sound appears somewhere else. Without any wires! Transmitting something wireless, is something I have always been fascinated by. You can transfer wireless using light, but the most common way of transmitting wireless is by electromagnetic waves.