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Oyvind on Seeed Studio’s blog

Today, Seeed Studio published an interview with me on their blog. If you’re curious about the things I’ve done over the last 5 years, check it out. (Hint: Traveling, writing books, doing workshops, creating courses+++) Seeed Studio is a hobbyist-friendly shop that sells electronics and PCB services. I’ve used them since I started out and […]

Get sponsorship for your project

Do you have a non-profit project that you’d like to build? For example for a competition or a school project? Now you can get free printed circuit boards for your project. A printed circuit board, or a PCB, is a board specifically designed for your project. And it makes it much easier to create projects […]

How To Get A Job In Electronics

Many people ask me how to get a job in electronics. Here’s my advice: If you want a job in electronics, show them that you love electronics. I’ve previously gotten a job as a Python programming teacher without knowing Python. And I’m convinced it was because I showed them that I loved programming (which I […]

Joe Grand AKA kingpin on Electronics for Kids

Joe Grand AKA kingpin, also know from the TV show “Prototype This!” is writing the foreword for my upcoming book Electronics For Kids: Working on the foreword for @oyvdahl's most excellent Electronics for Kids book coming soon from @nostarch. What a great honor! — Joe Grand (@joegrand) March 11, 2016 It’s an honor to have […]