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Microcontroller Board Prototyping

Using a microcontroller board is a simple way to get started using microcontrollers in your projects. You will get a development board with a microcontroller and all the components needed to make it work. This means you can focus on your idea instead of the details around setting up a microcontroller circuit. And usually the […]

Arduino Programming

If you haven’t started Arduino programming yet, it’s about time. The Arduino is a microcontroller board originally made for Interaction Design students in Italy. It was specifically developed to make it easy to start programming microcontrollers – even if you have no technical background.

Microcontroller Programming

Microcontroller programming can seem a bit tricky because there are many confusing choices to make. I remember how I felt in the beginning. With all the available compilers, IDE’s, programmers and programming methods – no wonder you get confused! So, let’s break it down. I struggled a lot when I was learning the microcontroller basics. […]

Microcontroller Basics

I loved learning about the microcontroller basics when I was studying. It meant I could start taking advantage of microcontrollers in my electronics projects. It kind of felt like with this knowledge, I was unstoppable. I could build ANYTHING! And it is actually true. Microcontrollers are powerful components. They let you write programs to control […]