Baseball Game with 5-Run Display

Baseball game schematic

If you are into baseball and would like a challenging ‘real-playing action’ baseball game, typically to exhibit your pitching skills, then you might like to construct this one. It is designed around four easily available and inexpensive digital ICs in the 4000 CMOS series along with some passive components.

Tips: How a circuit simulator can help you understand any circuit

A circuit simulator is a tool for “seeing” what a circuit does. In comparison to mechanical machines such as a bicycle and a lever, electronics cannot be easily inspected by the naked eye.

When you look at a bicycle you can observe it and see that stepping on the pedals makes a chain turn, and that this chain moves the bicycle wheels.

In contrast, if you open up an audio amplifier, it will be really hard to tell what it does if you don’t have previous experience in designing and building electronic circuits.