Ohmify – Learn Electronics Online

If you’re the kind of person who wants to build electronic circuits and create working electronic gadgets then this might be just the place for you.

Ohmify is an online academy for people with little or no electronics understanding who want to be able to confidently create electronic gadgets and tools – and who are prepared to take action to make it happen.

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A Beginner’s Guide To Circuits

A Beginner's Guide To Circuits by Oyvind Nydal Dahl (Front cover)

A Beginner’s Guide to Circuits is THE book for anyone who wants to jump into the world of building things with electronics quickly by DOING.

It contains 9 circuit-building challenges you’ll have to overcome. And you’ll get to build things like a game, a homemade musical instrument and a cookie-jar alarm. The projects range from easy to medium and they’re suitable even for complete beginners.

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Electronics For Kids

Electronics for kids by Oyvind Nydal Dahl (Front cover)

I wrote Electronics For Kids as the book I would have loved to have when growing up. It’s suitable for all “kids” that are interested in electronics, even if you’re 8 or 100 years old.

The book is very hands-on, and you’ll get to build projects like a motor, a lemon-powered LED light, an electronic coin-tosser, a really cool LED reaction game, and much more.

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Getting Started With Electronics

Getting Started With Electronics

Learn to build simple circuits like blinking lights and sirens – while also getting an overview of the basics. A great way to get started building electronics with practical step-by-step instructions.

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