Cap Half Full #7 – Opamp basics and the 4000 series IC

In this episode, we talk about operational amplifiers (opamps) and the 4000 series IC that Øyvind has been writing a series of posts on. We also accidentally came across a funny error on Arrow’s website 😅.

Cap Half Full #6 – Repairing an old amplifier

In this episode, we repair an old Sanyo amplifier. In this episode, we find an old amplifier in the trash and we try to repair it. Will we able to? Listen and find out. Listen to the Podcast Show Notes

Cap Half Full #5 – Let’s build a buck converter!

In this episode, we start out with the idea of building a buck converter with a microcontroller. We realize that we’ve never built a buck converter before, so we go through our thought process live to figure out what we need to do. We built one buck converter each. Elias used a Bluepill and Oyvind