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What is a 1 and a 0? How can you build circuits with them? And why are these numbers the basics of all modern electronics?

Digital electronics is what enables all the advanced gadgets you see around you today, like mobile phones, computers, and TVs.

It seems so complex, but when you break it down to its smallest parts, it’s actually quite easy to understand what is going on.

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Logic Gates And How They Work

I was first introduced to logic gates when I was around 14 years old. I had heard that computers consisted of ones and zeroes. But I didn’t understand what that really meant. So I asked my father to explain it. And I loved his explanation because it was so simple and easy to understand. Read […]

How To Choose A Pull-up Resistor Value

I recently got a question about choosing a pull-up resistor value: Hey!In Monostable button triggered circuit, why did you connect 10 kΩ specifically? Does it contain any calculations? You can use resistors for many things. In the following 555 timer circuit that he was referring to, the resistor R2 is a pull-up resistor with a […]