Printed Circuit Boards - Tutorials, Tips, and Guides to Get Started

As you start building bigger projects, you'll quickly realize the value of designing your own Printed Circuit Boards (PCB).

Because your own PCB design makes it easy to design circuits with lots of components. And you can use modern chips that come as surface mount devices (SMD).

And PCB design is a skill that anyone can learn. Actually, it's both cheap and easy to get started!

This page contains a library of resources to help you get started designing your own printed circuit boards.

Featured Resources:

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PCB Design Rules

When you design a circuit board, you need to follow the PCB design rules of your manufacturer. These rules are the limits of the machine that makes the circuit boards. The first time I looked at the rules I got really bummed out because it seemed so freakin’ complicated. “Why can’t they just make my […]