555 Timer Calculator

Use this 555 Timer calculator to find the output based on you resistor and capacitor values.

You can choose between astable mode and monostable mode. The astable mode will give you a frequency calculator plus time high/low. The monostable calculator will give you the output pulse duration.

Check out the complete 555 Timer tutorial to learn more.

Choose Configuration

R1 Resistor Value
C1 Capacitance Value
T = 1.1R1C1
Output Pulse Duration
555 Monostable Mode Circuit for CalculatorOUTPUT PULSEINPUT PULSE (S1)1.1 msC18VCC1GNDTHR6TRIG2DIS7OUT3555Timer4RESETVCCVCCR11 kΩ1 µFR2S1555 Monostable Mode Circuit for Calculator