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I started this blog in 2012 with the idea of being able to do what I love (electronics) while traveling.

Since then, I've traveled and lived all over the world. I've been to Mexico, Colombia, the US, Australia, China, Fiji, Germany, Singapore ++. And you can read about (or see videos) of these experiences here.

In this section, you can find articles related to my travels and the lifestyle of being a maker.

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My trip to Shenzhen [VIDEO]

“We’re never going to make it!” Jensa and I arrived early at the airport in Oslo. But that didn’t help. Because our flight from Oslo had technical problems. So it was delayed and we missed our connecting flight to Hong Kong… Not a good start of our trip…

My day of unplugging

Texas Instruments sponsored me to do a challenge and write this post. What would it be like to not have access to power plugs? That’s what Texas Instruments challenged me to try. They’ve built some really nice resources that you can use in your next power supply design, and now they want to spread the […]

Oyvind on Seeed Studio’s blog

Today, Seeed Studio published an interview with me on their blog. If you’re curious about the things I’ve done over the last 5 years, check it out. (Hint: Traveling, writing books, doing workshops, creating courses+++) Seeed Studio is a hobbyist-friendly shop that sells electronics and PCB services. I’ve used them since I started out and […]