5 of the Best Electronic Blogs for Hobbyists, Hackers and Makers

Here is a list of 5 of the best electronic blogs that I have found on the web.

Instead of reading about violence, crime, and corruption in the “normal” news every morning, I use an RSS feed reader and read about cool electronic projects from blogs around the world.

This way, I start my day in a great mood, inspired to create new amazing things.

Some IC's are often found in electronic blogs

1. Hack a day

“Hack a day” is one of my favorite electronic blogs and one of the largest of its kind. There are lots of cool projects on this hack blog. They update their blog with many posts every day. I would definitely recommend checking it out.

2. HacknMod.com (no longer exists)

The slogan of Hack N Mod is “You name it. We Hack it.”

This blog has lots of videos of cool projects from around the world. They usually link to the full project details so that it is possible to replicate the projects they write about. This electronic blog only adds a few new blog posts each month, but it is usually very interesting posts. Check it out!

3. PyroElectro (no longer exists)

PyroElectro’s blog was a great maker blog that featured many articles about robotics and electronic circuits. Their web page was easy to navigate and they updated their blog about one or two times per day. Unfortunately, it does no longer exist. 

Read my interview with Chris @ Pyroelectro.com

4. Electronics-Lab.com Blog

The Electronics-Lab.com blog contains information about new components, articles describing different technologies, and tutorials on how to make different kinds of electronic circuits like Arduino shields, USB circuits, and RFID circuits. Lots of new blog posts almost every day.

5. Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories has a blog full of interesting articles about electronics. It is updated a few times per month, so not too many updates, but lots of good stuff anyway. There are also lots of other good blogs out there if you want more =)

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  4. Many thanks for this great list. I would definitely add adafruit and sparkfun on the list. I found plenty of good information for my projects, especially on hackaday.

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  8. Great post! I completely agree with your selection of the top 5 electronic blogs for hobbyists, hackers and makers. I have personally been a fan of Hack a Day for a long time and always find interesting projects and hacks on their blog. Hack N Mod’s “You name it, We Hack it” slogan really speaks to the adventurous spirit of makers and hackers. PyroElectro’s focus on robotics and electronic circuits is also a great resource for makers. Electronics-Lab.com provides a wealth of information on new components and tutorials on electronic circuits, making it a go-to resource for hobbyists. Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories is a fascinating read and offers a unique perspective on electronics. Thanks for sharing these fantastic blogs with the community!


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