Free Electronic Circuits And Schematics Online

I have compiled this list of online resources that offer free electronic circuits. The circuits include free schematics and many of them also include explanations on how the circuit works and pcb layout.

Free electronic circuits - circuit diagram example

Web pages with original circuits and descriptions

These pages contains original content from the authors on each page.
Many circuits with explanation and schematics. Very old-school design and he puts lots of circuits on the same page which makes navigation a bit hard.
Lots of free electronic circuits with schematics and good explanations of the circuits. Some of the circuits are crammed together on the same page but navigation is still ok. I get the feeling that this guy know what he is talking about.
A collection of both original circuits they have designed themselves and some from other resources.
A good collection of electronic circuits with schematic and description. Some links to external circuits. Ok to navigate page.
A page with circuits that include schematics, long descriptions and some pcb layouts.
Some circuits and explanation. But hard to navigate and messy layout.
This page has many circuits with schematics and explanation, but some of the circuits only have Greek text..
This page offers simple navigation and a couple of hundred circuits of different kinds. The circuits include schematics, description and some of them also includes pcb layout.
A page that contains lots of files with schematics and description on different types of circuits. A lot of the files are scanned documents from old magazines. This is not the first place I would go search for schematics for a project, but there might be some gems here if you take the time to browse through the files.

Lists of Links With Free Electronic Circuits

A lot of the pages that appear when you use google to find free electronic circuits are lists of links to other pages that actually contain the circuits. It can be useful if you are looking for a specific electronic circuit that is hard to find.
Has a large list of links to ciruits on the web. But no way of searching for circuits. Very messy to navigate around.
Another large list of links to free schematics on the web.


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  1. vipin says

    Dear sir I want a circuit diagram which measure resistance through led. led glow 0 ohm to 100 ohm but above 100ohm led not gow in this circuit.

  2. Juan says

    Hi Oyvind, I wonder if you know about any site I could post my schematics or PCB files. I am thinking some share them for free and other may be I could charge.


    • admin says

      Hey Juan,

      If you have something that is interesting for my readers, I would be happy to share the ones you want to share for free here. But where to sell them I have no idea.


    • HadleyWhite says

      Hi Juan,I have been using EasyEDA for over a year. EasyEDA is a free web based PCB tool for anyone involved in electronics design and able to share the work with others.I’ve found the ability to share projects privately or publically a useful feature for collaboration.
      Just try it at:

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