How to debug your circuit

Resistor on a breadboard“Hey… The resistor isn’t connected to the battery!”

This was me, after many frustrating hours of trying to figure out what was wrong with a circuit I’d built.

It was such a stupid mistake.

And I was of course blaming everything from the manufacturer of the resistors to disturbance from the WiFi signal.
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I’m upgrading the ebook

gettingstart_copyIt’s mostly a practical book.

…with instructions on how to build things like sirens, blinking lights, a metronome and other things.

But, I also wanted to make the explanation a bit more clear – just to make it easier for you to understand what is going on.

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Question from a reader

Microcontroller Board ATmega32u4 from SparkfunI wanted to share this question I got from a reader…

QUESTION: Dear Oyvind,

Hope you are doing great! You probably won’t reply due to the voluminous emails you get I suppose. Nonetheless, I’m writing to you to ask you whether it’s possible to learn electronics and how to program microcontrollers in C on my own (without going to college) [Read more…]