SexyCyborg is not Your Ordinary Electronics Geek

SexyCyborg with her DIY underlit LED skirtSexyCyborg is an electronics geek out of the ordinary.

I’m guessing you wouldn’t suspect her to be into building electronics if you saw her at a pool party.

But she is.

Recently she posted some pictures of her DIY Underlit LED (Hikaru) Skirt.

And that caught my attention. Not because I’m a guy, and that’s a tiny skirt. But because I love to see people being different than the norm.

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This is how a transistor works

A transistor in a circuit on a stripboardOn a sunny June day, about one year ago, I was in the country side of Norway.

I was visiting a friend.

He doesn’t know much about electronics, but I tried to teach him how a transistor worked.

We decided to make a video out of it.

So we went to the University where he was studying (he was not studying electronics by the way).
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