3 Need-To-Know Soldering Techniques + Guerrilla Soldering

Throughout my electronics career I have used several different soldering techniques. In the beginning I only used my soldering iron. I was able to do almost everything with my iron. But there are situations where using a different technique is much simpler.

So let’s have a look at different soldering techniques. And at the end of the article, I’ll include a fun video with some techniques I call guerrilla soldering. I bet you’ll never see these in a class at the university, haha :)

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How To Design Your Own Schematics From Scratch

Circuit design from scratchHow can you make a circuit design of any idea you have from scratch?

How can you take that idea you have in your head and turn it into a schematic diagram?

How do you choose the right components and put them together in the right way?

A lot of people have asked me these questions. Yesterday I had a glimpse of inspiration, so today I am going to tell you exactly how you can do this.

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How To Use Goals To Help You Build Amazing Projects

When I started learning about electronics, I never cared about goal setting…
I had no clue about what it was. As soon as I had an idea, I brought out my soldering iron and started to put things together. Even though that was fun, it wasn’t very efficient. And a lot of the times I never finished what I started…

It wasn’t until several years later that I stumbled upon a technique called SMART goal setting. And it was really a game changer.

SMART goal setting is super useful when you want to build electronic projects. It helps you clarify what you are trying to do. And it makes it much easier to estimate project costs, tasks that need to be completed and time needed to finish the project.

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4 Simple Steps That Will Help You Build Better Circuits

One of the most important steps of building electronic projects is not soldering. It is not drawing a schematic. And it is not debugging you circuit…

The most important step is the step that comes before all those steps. And it’s a step that is easy to skip, because you want to start building. At least I have on several occasions.

Planning the development of a 7-segment display circuit

But you can drastically reduce the time you need to build electronic projects, if you invest a little bit of time in planning. It will also drastically increase your chances of finishing the circuit.

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What is a Microcontroller and How Can It Help You Build Amazing Things?

When I first started learning about microcontrollers, I found them really intriguing. The thought of being able to write code to control electronics was so cool!

At that time I had already started playing around with programming. And with the microcontroller, I saw that I would be able to interact with the real world through programming! I was intrigued indeed.

A microcontroller chip on a finger

But even though I was very enthusiastic about the microcontroller, I didn’t start using it until years later. The thing was, it seemed so complicated to use. I realize now that if I had invested just a little bit of time to learn about it, I would have been able to work with it.

But instead I waited several years before I actually took the leap and started using it…

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What is Arduino and Where to Start?

What is Arduino? It’s a THE tool to use if you want to make your own flame-throwing pony-robot, Gmail LED notifier or something like this spider robot:

Back in 2005, Massimo Banzi was a teacher at a school for interaction design in a small beautiful town in Italy called Ivrea. His students needed a way to control things automatically. Like turning on and off lights depending on the amount of light in a room. Or to play a sound when someone stepped on a certain tile.

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Electronic Kits

Arduino Shield LED Matrix kitA few years ago, I found myself at a Christmas party building electronic kits with the other guests.

We were all really focused. And believe it or not, we weren’t only a bunch of geeky guys. Oh no, it was actually more girls in that group than guys! Beautiful girls. With no earlier experience of electronics. And they loved it! All the guests loved it!

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