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Getting Started with Intel Galileo

Getting started with Intel Galileo is almost like getting started with Arduino. But with a few twists. I recently got my hands on an Intel Galileo. But it took me quite some time to get it up and running. So I decided to write a small guide to show you exactly how I got started […]

What is Arduino and Where to Start?

What is Arduino? It’s a THE tool to use if you want to make your own flame-throwing pony-robot, Gmail LED notifier or something like this spider robot: Back in 2005, Massimo Banzi was a teacher at a school for interaction design in a small beautiful town in Italy called Ivrea. His students needed a way […]

Arduino Remote Control Tutorial

In this tutorial I am going to show you exactly how to make an Arduino remote control. You can use this project to combine functions from different remote controls and make your super-awesome dream remote control! A remote control sends out an infrared (IR) code when a button is pushed. This IR code is received by the gadget we are controlling. To make our own Arduino remote control, we need to first copy the IR code that is sent from an existing remote.

Arduino Yun Makes Wifi Projects Really Simple

The Arduino Team recently announced the new Arduino Yun! This is the newest device in the Arduino family and it is pretty cool! This new device has a WiFi interface embedded on the board. It lets you easily connect your device to internet through WiFi. This means are going to see lots of new cool […]