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Arduino is an easy-to-use development board for hobbyists, tinkerers, and professionals. To build prototypes, for instance.

It's probably the easiest way to learn microcontrollers these days. Therefore, many use it as a tool to teach kids about coding and electronics.

You can build projects like a robot or an automatic cat door. Even if you have no experience from before.

On this page, you'll find a library of tutorials, projects, and other resources to help you get started and build cool Arduino projects on your own.

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Halloween Electronics Project: Jack-O-Lantern

In this Halloween electronics project, I’ll show you how to make a cool Jack-O-Lantern. I used a 3D-printed carved pumpkin, but a real one works just as well (or even better!). The project is based around three normal LEDs that we control so that they look like a flickering flame. Since my “pumpkin” was very […]

From Arduino Prototype to Manufacturable Product

The Arduino is an ideal platform for proving your product concept. However, there is still a lot of engineering work required to turn it into a product that can be manufactured and sold. The best way to progress from an Arduino prototype to a consumer product that is ready for sale is to use the […]