Arduino Shield Tutorial – Make Your Own Shield

In this Arduino shield tutorial, I will show you how to create a 4×4 LED matrix Arduino shield. You can make any shield you want using this method.

The Arduino shield tutorial circuit
The tutorial consists of three videos:

  • How to plan and create schematics
  • How to design a circuit board
  • How to get prototype circuits made
Arduino Uno - MakerFaire Rome Edition

Planning and designing schematics

In this video we start with making a block diagram to get an overview of the project we are about to embark on. Then we’ll draw the schematics for project.

We’ll use SparkFun’s eagle library to find a nice template for the shield.

Designing the circuit board

Designing the circuit board is pretty simple once you have the schematics in place. In this video we will draw the circuit board layout.

Ordering cheap prototypes

Once we have our circuit board design ready, we’ll send it to a prototype manufacturer to get some cheap circuit boards made for us. In this video, we will check that the board is ok and then send it to our manufacturer.

Making circuit boards is a crucial skill if you want to make something cool with electronics. For this reason, I have created an online course on how to make circuit boards. By enrolling you will support me in developing even more awesome content on this site.

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