Download the Microcontroller Tutorial as PDF

microcontroller boardA while back I wrote a blog series for Atmel on how to build a microcontroller board.

I also created a version for my blog, and it became very popular.

The idea was to show what it takes to build a microcontroller board from scratch.

Now, I’ve turned it into a PDF tutorial that you can download for free:

Click to download the tutorial as a PDF

Throughout the tutorial, you’ll learn the steps you need to build your very own microcontroller circuit.

You will then be able to use this circuit to build a blinking lamp, a robot, an automatic cat-feeder or whatever idea you want to build.

My goal was to make the circuit as simple as possible, without the need for any external programmer or debugger.

A circuit you could just plug into a USB port on your computer and program.

I did not plan it out in any way.

I just built it while writing about the process.

Click to download the tutorial as a PDF

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  1. Hi,
    1-i wanted you to supply me with all the components i need for my projects how long will it take to reach in Uganda in LIra in northern part of the country.
    2-If i may need a ready build up circuits e.g Power amplifiers, phones etc together with its housining can you supply me.


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