My trip to Shenzhen [VIDEO]

“We’re never going to make it!”

Jensa and I arrived early at the airport in Oslo.

But that didn’t help. Because our flight from Oslo had technical problems. So it was delayed and we missed our connecting flight to Hong Kong…

Not a good start of our trip…

But in the end, we arrived in Shenzhen, China. Elias was already waiting for us. So, we shared a bag of fish-skin chips with egg yolk (!), then headed out to town.

Check out my video below from our Shenzhen trip:

I’ve wanted to visit Shenzhen for more than 10 years.

It’s a very important city in the electronics world. There are lots of famous products that had been produced there.

Like the iPhone.

In a “normal” city, you will see billboards with Coca-Cola ads and similar. But in Shenzhen, the billboards have ads for capacitors or LEDs!

And there are skyscrapers covered with LEDs to make them giant video screens.

The malls are full of electronics shops. There are whole floors dedicated to LEDs. Or connectors.

And they are full of interesting gadgets.

Here are some of the things we bought:

  • An electronic drawing pad for $5. Very simple, just a pad you can draw on. And a button to erase everything and start over again. This is great for doing calculations or practicing drawing.
  • LED-strips for your eye-lids. Cost around $1. Not very useful, but probably very fun at some event where you need to use a costume, like Halloween.
  • Electric muscle stimulator. I was the lucky one to get to try this. At low intensity, it was a fun series of mini-shocks. At high-intensity it was extremely rough, making my arm motionless.
  • A drone. Elias wanted to make cool drone-footage for a video. But he didn’t want to spend too much. The drone was fun, but the image quality of the camera was horrible.
  • My wife wanted a purse. So I bought her USB stick shaped like a purse.

Because of my delayed flight, I only got to enjoy Shenzhen for three days. But I got a taste of what the city has to offer, and I will definitely be back in the future!

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