Anyone can Build Electronics

The BBC once talked about the maker movement and how building electronics is available for everyone now. And I wanted to follow-up on that, because that is really true. And that is something that I am really passionate about; getting more people to build electronics.

But first, I want to deal with the naysayers.

Chris @ Pyroelectro and his 8x8x8 LED Cube

Chris @ PyroElectro is one of those interesting guys who does a lot of cool projects. His projects include an amazing 8x8x8 cube and animatronic heads.

When I got the chance to interview him I had to ask – would he rather be a resistor or a capacitor? He had to admit it was

Seeed Studio on Open Hardware

Seeed Studio has been my goto-shop for creating prototype circuit boards for a long time. They also have lots of prototyping tools to help people create cool stuff.

Creating Eagle Scripts 101

Eagle scripts are text files with eagle commands. You use them for automating tasks such as changing the width of all the traces on a board, changing board size, or drawing a specific pattern.

Interview with Protostack’s Daniel Garcia

Can you give a quick overview of yourself?

Protostack is based in Brisbane Australia and have been operating since 2008. We started because we were frustrated with the prototyping/perf boards available on the market and decided to design our own.

Tinkerlog’s Alexander on Tinkering

Who are you?

My name is Alexander Weber from Tinkerlog, I live in Hamburg, Germany and I am a freelance Developer for Android and Arduino as well. In my spare time I have fun building stuff with electronics and write about it on my blog .

Alexander Weber from Tinkerlog

How did you get in to electronics?

As a kid, like many of us, I think,

How To Design an Eagle Ground Plane

An Eagle ground plane is a plane of metal connected to ground. It is very useful for simplifying the routing of a board. If the major part of a layer is ground, you don’t need to design long traces to connect a pin to the ground.

Reflow Soldering Made Easy

Reflow soldering is a very effective method for soldering circuit boards with lots of surface mount components. But is this something you can do as a hobbyist?

Yes it is :)


To do reflow soldering, you should have the following tools:

  • Solder paste in a syringe
  • Flux
  • Tweezers

And one of the following:

  • A hot plate/skillet
  • A toaster oven
  • A “real” reflow oven

Beginner’s Guide to Eagle CAD

Have you tried the Eagle CAD software, but found it a bit confusing?

Don’t worry, I was also a bit confused the first time I tried it. In this guide I will teach you the basics on how to use Eagle, so that you’ll be able to start designing your own electronic circuits.