Tips: How to combine components?

“How to combine components to get a specific function?”

Many people ask me this.

But that’s like if you want to learn the piano and ask:

“How to combine notes to play a specific song?”

What you need to do to learn to play the piano is to practice playing the piano.

No matter how much music theory you read, you need to play the piano to really learn how to combine notes to play specific songs.

After a while, you’ll learn which note sounds good together. And you get a good ear for which notes are in a song so that you can play it by ear.

It’s the same with electronics.

Practice building electronics, and you will learn which combinations of components that give you specific functions.

Start with the basics.

Learn what each component does on its own.

Then continue to build simple circuits that combine the basic components.

When you got the basics down, try something harder. Find schematics online. If you need a timer for a project, look for a timer circuit diagram. If you need to sense light, look for light-sensing circuits.

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Also, if you ask more specific questions, you will get more specific answers. Instead of asking “How to combine components to get a specific function?” – ask for example “What does a timer circuit look like?”

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