Circuits for Hobbyists - a Collection of Schematics to Build

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Build Instructions: The Blinking Light Circuit

Do you want to build a circuit that blinks a light? This inverter-based circuit is simple, and it’s small enough to fit on a breadboard. The circuit uses standard basic electronic components and you can build it even if you have never built anything before. Check out the full build instructions in the video below: […]

What Is an H-Bridge?

An H-bridge is a simple circuit that lets you control a DC motor to go backward or forward. You normally use it with a microcontroller, such as an Arduino, to control motors. When you can control two motors to go either forward or backward – you can build yourself a robot!

How Astable Multivibrator Circuits Work

The astable multivibrator circuit is a classic circuit for flashing two LEDs. It doesn’t have to flash two LEDs though. It can blink just one LED. Or it can create a tone to play on a speaker. First, let me show you the circuit in action: Want to know the theory behind how the circuit […]

Build an Atari Punk Console this evening

Do you want a fun and easy-to-build circuit? Here’s the simple, but fun Atari Punk Console – with schematics and parts list. It’s a quick build, so you can easily build it during an evening. It takes its name from the old Atari computers of the 80s because it makes similar sounds. And after my […]

Portable USB Charger Circuit

Build this portable USB charger circuit, and you’ll always have access to a charger. Imagine a beautiful summer day. You’re on your way to meet friends for a picnic in the park. But, the park is huge and full of people. Since you don’t know where exactly your friends are, you pick up your phone […]