Circuits for Hobbyists - a Collection of Schematics to Build

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The Simplest Power Supply Circuit

This power supply circuit is easy to build and cheap. And it requires only 5 components. I have built many circuits in my life, but this is actually the first time I’ve built a power supply circuit from scratch. The final project I wanted to build was a wall adapter with a USB socket to […]

Installing Whatsapp on Intel Galileo

In this tutorial I will show you how to install Whatsapp on your Intel Galileo. I’ll also show you how to read sensor data easily from your mobile phone through Whatsapp. You can easily extend this into whatever you want, so that you can control your DIY electronics with your smart phone. I used a […]

DIY Weather Station with Intel Galileo

Your own DIY weather station is very useful if you for example want to optimize the growing process of your plants. It gives you the possibility of getting real-time data or statistics about things the soil moistness, or the temperature around your plants. In this tutorial, I will show you how to build your own […]

Intel Galileo Board for Measuring Rain and Moist

In this Intel Galileo board sensors tutorial you’ll learn how to use analog sensors. I’ll show you how to use a simple rain sensor and a soil moisture sensor. This project could be used on a farm: To make better decision about when to water the crops, it’s very helpful to have information about how […]

How To Boot Intel Galileo From an SD-card

To get access to more interesting functionality, you need to boot Intel Galileo from an SD-card. The on-board Linux version running on the Galileo is very limited. So to get access to things like WiFi communication (through Mini-PCIe), you need to install a proper Linux version on an SD-card. This will also give you access […]