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It was sunny and hot.

I was wearing a backpack and I could feel the sweat building up on my back.

But I had to walk fast.

Because I was late.

And because the locals had told me to be careful in the center.

I had emailed with Thomas, the founder of the makerspace Göra, before coming here.

We had discussed electronics workshops but decided that it would be better to meet in person to figure out the details.

I did not know what to expect.

Across the street, I saw it.

The Göra sign that I had seen in the street view of Google maps.

I met with Thomas and some of the other members.

And I got the grand tour.

I especially liked the machine for printing your own t-shirt design.

But they didn’t have much of an electronics section.

Thomas told me that at the moment, they didn’t have a big group of electronics people.

Instead, he asked me if I wanted to help out with an Arduino club.

To help start attracting more electronics people.

I accepted.

And that’s how I became a part of Club de Arduino in Medellin.

Every week, I’ll be sharing my notes from the previous week:

I also made a VLOG from my experience with Club de Arduino and Medellin, Colombia. Check them out below:

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