Club de Arduino – Week 4: Moving Back and Forth

This week we got a new member. So we revised what we’ve done so far with our new member:

The first week we looked at different robot platforms. We wanted to be able to go forward, backward, and make turns. And we wanted it as cheap as possible. We looked at different platforms at the local store, then settled for one with three wheels, three levels and two motors.

Next week we focused on building an H-bridge for the robot. An H-bridge is a circuit that lets you control a motor to rotate forward or backward. We built one using transistors, but it failed. We found the error, but decided to buy a finished H-bridge circuit to save time.

The third week we connected the H-bridge circuit to our motors. We used an Arduino to send control signals to the H-bridge and we used a bluetooth module in order to be able to control the robot remotely from a mobile phone.

After going through this, we sat down and wrote code to make the robot move back and forth. (Instead of just spinning as earlier).

What’s next?

We can now move back and forth. And we can turn in both directions. Controlled via Bluetooth with a mobile phone.

Next, we need to get the ultrasonic sensor up and running. Then make some intelligent code to have the robot move on its own.

The problem is that we’re in December now. And in December, Thomas told me, you can just forget about getting anything done here in Medellin… Well, let’s see!

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