Portable USB Charger Components And Tools

These are the components you need for building the portable USB charger circuit.

These are all pretty standard components, so you can probably get these at your local electronics supplier if you have one.

If not, you can buy them at one of these online electronics shops.

Parts List

Quantity Component Value
1 Voltage Regulator LM7805
2 Resistor 75 kΩ
2 Resistor 51 kΩ
1 Resistor 330 Ω
1 Light-Emitting Diode Standard Output
1 Rectifier Diode 1N4001-4007
1 USB Socket Type A
1 Battery Connector 6 x AA battery
1 Prototyping board Stripboard


This project requires soldering. You don’t need a lot of tools to solder, but you’ll need a soldering iron. I you don’t have one, read my article on how to choose a soldering iron.

That’s the bare minimum. But there are a few other soldering tools that can make your life easier. Learn about the soldering tools I use here.

Optional Components

The following components aren’t required, but can be useful to improve your charger:

If you have problems finding any of the components for this project, let me know in the comment field below.

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16 thoughts on “Portable USB Charger Components And Tools”

  1. This article is showing that how difficult to make the portable USB charger, because openly it shows so many connection wires, connected here and there, only known person who have interest in it can understand this, thats why people like to covered things, because they dont want so much complications.

  2. Hello Oyvind,

    I accidentaly made your charger with a 9V battery, 81(33+33+15)ohm in place of 75ohm and 48(15+33)in place of 51ohm resistors. It is charging the phone. Is it ok to use this ratio in the voltage divider with a standard 9V cell.

    I will now make it with 75k and 51k. If it say 72k and 48k will it still work corrcetly . Will the low ohmage i accidentely used damage the phone by allowing too much current.

    I want to make this with my year 9 students so dont want to destroy their phones or will phone just draw the current it requires.

    How do i apply OHMS law to work out the voltage division equation for 9v battery.

  3. Hello Sir ,

    Pl suggest how we know the value of resistance & diode and its rating also .

    Thanks & Regards
    Mohit Gupta

  4. can any body tell me how exactly did admin calculated the resistance needed to determine the current for the phone?
    thanks for this good article


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